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A small farm once stood on the spot now occupied by the Berghaus Kanisfluh.

  • The first simple dwelling was built on the nether Schnepfegg some 200 – 250 years ago.
  • 1954 Josef Moosmann senior bought this mountain farm.
  • 1955 The house underwent modifications. First it opened as a snack bar; subsequently simple guest rooms began to be rented out on an ever increasing basis.
  • 1960 – 1963 The construction of the circular wing extended the house. This work was expensive, due to the fact that over 600 m³ of rock had to be cleared by explosives.
  • 1975 The business was handed over to Kurt & Irma Josef senior & Inge Moosmann
  • 1979 Extension and modernisation of the kitchen, the refrigerated areas, the offices and the heating complex.  
  • 1985 Renovation of the “small parlour” and several guest rooms
  • 1989 The area of our former terrace is doubled.
  • 1992 Renovation of the “small salon” – ideally suited to functions catering for up to 25 persons.
  • from 1995 Connection to the main sewage system. The excavations for the pipes proved to be very difficult, as it was largely a case of dynamiting through very hard and unyielding rock. To take one example: it took 5 ½ days to lay 12m of sewage pipes.
  • 2001 Renovation of the dining room and the entrance area.
  • 2002 Launch of the solar energy system (48 m³) on the circular wing and on the terrace.
  • 2003 The business was handed over to brother and sister team Karin Berchtold & Josef Moosmann junior by Kurt & Irma Moosmann.
  • 2003 Autumn saw the renovation of 3 bathrooms in the circular wing.
  • 2005 After a construction period of only 12 weeks, some of the old guest rooms were converted into four comfortable apartments.
  • 2006 In spring the toilet block in the restaraurant area was completely updated.
  • 2007 This spring new flooring was laid on the terrace.
  • 2008 Renovation of our premium rooms in the circular wing
  • 2009 New seating on the terrace; in autumn the remaining 3 bathrooms, all room doors and the corridor in the circular wing were renovated.
  • 2010 New upholstery on the terrace, and purchase of our webcam.
  • 2011 Renovation of the dining room – floor, lighting, walls, ceiling and much more; three new refrigerated areas were brought into service.
  • 2012 Birth of Annemarie, the daughter of Karin & Wilfried Berchtold; introduction of the Melitta coffee machine and the Avant work vehicle.
  • 2013 Modernisation of the kitchen phase 1 (saladette & pull-out fridge com-partments); new upholstery in the parlour and extension; partitions in the dining room.
  • 2014 Modernisation of the kitchen phase 2 (free-standing kitchen units)
  • 2015 two guest rooms were completely renovated; birth of Wendelin, son of Karin & Wilfried Berchtold
  • 2016 Renovation of the rooms in the circular wing: new flooring, decoration, lamps, wall panelling, plus items of new furniture.
  • 2017 New website introduced
  • 2018 Birth of Leonhard – son of Sarah and Josef Moosmann; modernisation of the third section of the kitchen (flooring & dish-washing area)
  • 2019 new roof – circular wing
  • 2020  Alterations to the hall in the panorama lounge; birth of Luis Anton – third child of Karin & Wilfried Berchtold
  • 2021 Newly built terrace, playground, heating, staff accommodation
  • 2022 New look website: