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The mountains of the Bregenzerwald are full of exciting things to discover. The “passport” to these mountain adventures is the Bregenzerwald Guest Card, which is issued to all guests staying in the area for a minimum of three nights.

Unmissable local events, fabulous scenic walking tracks, myths and traditions: the “passport” to all these mountain adventures and more is the Bregenzerwald Guest Card, issued to all guests staying in the area for a minimum of three nights and included in the accommodation price.


1st May to 31st October



Travel on public buses:

“Bregenzerwald country bus” to Bregenz and Dornbirn (excluding city buses), Lech, Raggal and Fontanella/Sonntag

Travel on cable cars:

  • Andelsbuch cable cars
  • Bezau cable car
  • Diedamskopf cable cars
  • Mellaubahn cable car
  • Damülser cable cars
  • Steffisalp-Express
  • Sonntag cable cars
  • Faschina cable cars

Entry to swimming pools:

  • Hittisau family pool (9.30 - 19.30)
  • Egg swimming pool (9 - 19.30)
  • Schwarzenberg swimming pool (9 - 19)
  • Bezau swimming pool (9 - 19.30)
  • Mellau swimming pool (9.30 - 19)
  • Au swimming pool (9.30 - 19.30)
  • Schoppernau forest pool (9.30 - 19)

The swimming pools are open from the end of May until the beginning of September, depending on the weather.

Guests also receive a number of discounts from a selection of partner companies.