Your hosts

Family photo of your hosts outside the hotel

The Moosmann family

The Moosmann family would like to extend a sincere welcome to guests of the Berghaus Kanisfluh. Representing the third generation of the family, brother and sister team Karin Berchtold and Josef Moosmann junior are there to look after the guests and to cater to their every whim.  

The hotel

A small farm once stood on the spot now occupied by the Berghaus Kanisfluh. Following a period of extensive renovation work, the little house on the Schenpfegg, a small hill behind the village of Schnepfau, was transformed into a modern hotel with spacious and well-furnished rooms and apartments perfect for the entire family.

The stunning mountain views of the inner Bregenzerwald are enough to make you stop in your tracks and admire the panorama. Our house has been in the same family since it was built, and is now in the capable hands of the third generation.

Berghaus Kanisfluh in summer


A small farm once stood on the spot now occupied by the Berghaus Kanisfluh.

  • The first simple dwelling was built on the nether Schnepfegg some 200 – 250 years ago.
  • 1954 Josef Moosmann senior bought this mountain farm.
  • 1955 The house underwent modifications. First it opened as a snack bar; subsequently simple guest rooms began to be rented out on an ever increasing basis.
  • 1960 – 1963 The construction of the circular wing extended the house. This work was expensive, due to the fact that over 600 m³ of rock had to be cleared by explosives.
  • 1975 The business was handed over to Kurt & Irma Josef senior & Inge Moosmann
  • 1979 Extension and modernisation of the kitchen, the refrigerated areas, the offices and the heating complex.  
  • 1985 Renovation of the “small parlour” and several guest rooms
  • 1989 The area of our former terrace is doubled.
  • 1992 Renovation of the “small salon” – ideally suited to functions catering for up to 25 persons.
  • from 1995 Connection to the main sewage system. The excavations for the pipes proved to be very difficult, as it was largely a case of dynamiting through very hard and unyielding rock. To take one example: it took 5 ½ days to lay 12m of sewage pipes.
  • 2001 Renovation of the dining room and the entrance area.
  • 2002 Launch of the solar energy system (48 m³) on the circular wing and on the terrace.
  • 2003 The business was handed over to brother and sister team Karin Berchtold & Josef Moosmann junior by Kurt & Irma Moosmann.
  • 2003 Autumn saw the renovation of 3 bathrooms in the circular wing.
  • 2005 After a construction period of only 12 weeks, some of the old guest rooms were converted into four comfortable apartments.
  • 2006 In spring the toilet block in the restaraurant area was completely updated.
  • 2007 This spring new flooring was laid on the terrace.
  • 2008 Renovation of our premium rooms in the circular wing
  • 2009 New seating on the terrace; in autumn the remaining 3 bathrooms, all room doors and the corridor in the circular wing were renovated.
  • 2010 New upholstery on the terrace, and purchase of our webcam.
  • 2011 Renovation of the dining room – floor, lighting, walls, ceiling and much more; three new refrigerated areas were brought into service.
  • 2012 Birth of Annemarie, the daughter of Karin & Wilfried Berchtold; introduction of the Melitta coffee machine and the Avant work vehicle.
  • 2013 Modernisation of the kitchen phase 1 (saladette & pull-out fridge com-partments); new upholstery in the parlour and extension; partitions in the dining room.
  • 2014 Modernisation of the kitchen phase 2 (free-standing kitchen units)
  • 2015 two guest rooms were completely renovated; birth of Wendelin, son of Karin & Wilfried Berchtold
  • 2016 Renovation of the rooms in the circular wing: new flooring, decoration, lamps, wall panelling, plus items of new furniture.